Tree Peonies

  1. LOCATION SELECTION: Select a location with well-drained soil. Tree peonies prefer to be planted at least 8-10 feet away from the roots of other shrubs and trees in rich, well-textured soil that is slightly acidic. Amend if necessary. Choose a sunny spot that will receive at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day and some shade during the hot mid-day sun.
  2. PREPARING THE PLANTING SITE:  Dig a hole 12-18 inches deep and 18-24 inches wide.  Work the soil so it is deep, rich and loose. Build a firm mound in the bottom of the hole using an even mixture of soil from the planting site to support the roots.  Space 3-5 feet apart.
  3. PLANTING YOUR TREE PEONIES:  Spread roots of the peonies out evenly over the mound and make sure they are fully extended. Fill the hole little by little and tamp soil down around roots to eliminate air pockets. The root collar should be at the same level or 1-2” below the surface.
  4. FERTILIZATION:  It is recommended that fertilizer be applied three times a year after the second year. Apply 1st application in the early spring when the soil is workable. 2nd application should be applied soon after flowering and the 3rd during late fall and winter while using half as much fertilizer as required in the first 2 applications.
  5. IRRIGATION:  Once established, tree peonies are drought tolerate plants and do not like excess water. It is best not to plant near sprinkler systems that will keep soil continuously moist. Do not water until soil is dry below the surface and try not to wet leaves while watering.
  6. WINTERIZATION:  To protect your plant in the winter use a light layer of mulch or compost. Do not use wood bark. Remove the mulch after all danger of frost has passed.