Cannas may be planted in the spring after danger from hard frost. A good rule of thumb is to plant cannas when you would plant Irish potatoes in your area. In zones 7 - 10, we recommend planting between March 15 to April 15. Best results are achieved when planted in a loose, fertile and well drained soil.

Cannas will tolerate a wide range of growing conditions. Cannas love full sun and require a minimum of four hours direct sunlight. Plant rhizomes 12 to 18 inches apart, covering with two inches of soil. Place the long part of the rhizome horizontally in the ground with the eye up, if visible. Canna rhizomes do not have a top or bottom, so no worry of placing it upside down.

In colder regions, cannas may be planted in pots and placed in greenhouse conditions six to eight weeks prior to planting. When all danger of frost is past, remove from pots and plant outside. Cannas should be watered thoroughly once a week by slowly soaking the area around the roots. For optimum performance, add organic matter such as composted manure as well as a high nitrogen fertilizer. Rose and tomato fertilizers are also good products to use on cannas and are readily available. It is not necessary to dead head the spent flowers and seed pods to induce new blooms, however, your flower bed will appear more striking without the old blooms.